Version 1.7 stable and 1.8 RC1 available

Published Sat 14 Aug, 12:46 by rjmoerland in News

Released version 1.7.1616 (final) and 1.8.1765 (RC1) of Disk Cleaner. 

Version 1.7.1616 brings the following main features and fixes since 1.6.1355:

  • Disk Cleaner can check for running applications and informs the user that they should be closed for optimal cleaning results. Current checks include Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and FeedReader.
  • Save results button. The cleaning results can be saved to a text file.
  • When Disk Cleaner estimates that a plug-in needs administrator rights to function properly, this plug-in is hidden for a standard user. Deleting files from locations that lead to Disk Cleaner hiding the plug-in typically are the Program Files folder, Windows folder and the Local Machine HKEY in the registry.                 

Please see the release notes available from sourceforge for a full list.

Since version 1.7 is now officially the stable version of Disk Cleaner, that means there's a new 'current' version as well: 1.8.1765 (1.8 RC1). This version implements what's been requested already for many years: translations. If you download 1.8 RC1, you can enjoy Disk Cleaner in Spanish, Dutch, and partially in Russian and Turkish. Note that this currently only includes the text in the application itself. The external plug-ins still need to be translated. Listed below are the main new features in 1.8 RC1.

1.8 RC1:

  • Dutch and Spanish translations of all text in the application. Plug-ins need to be translated still.
  • Partial Russian and Turkish translations of the application.
  • Reinserted functionality to install an autorun shortcut for the current user, running Disk Cleaner automatically in quiet mode on login.

As I've mentioned, the Russian and Turkish translations are only partially done, and many more languages are missing. You can help! All of Disk Cleaner's translations are managed at, a large open source software hosting site. With a free account in Launchpad, you can add languages to Disk Cleaner or modify existing ones, all from within your web browser. Also for simply wanting to have a look, Disk Cleaner's translations can be found here:

It would be great to see many more languages available for Disk Cleaner.